Frequently Asked Questions


How do you renew your power at work?

You need a routine, which becomes a habit, a habit that you enjoy. Schedule a time for better wellness for you and your company.

Our corporate clients say that employee satisfaction is enhanced at lunch time with our 'Renew Your Power' program. 

Let's talk about bringing our enthusiasm and fitness skills to your workplace. - Maria Lauren

Maria Lauren bring corporate wellness a special program of fitness therapy. Renew Your Power!

Are you qualified to lead multiple fitness levels?

My personal approach engages clients to feel comfortable to share their needs and achieve better well-being as I motivate with a smile.

I continue my service as a Lifestyle Educator at Kaiser Permanente in the Center for Healthy Living. For the past fifteen years, it has been a pleasure to lead a series of ongoing exercise programs there, at five different locations to employees and patients. 

List upon request...

  • Medical and corporate employment
  • Fitness certifications and national awards


How is your program different from other corporate wellness and fitness programs?

Just like a rainbow of produce offers a flavor and shape all it's own, we know that each individual is unique. We are interested in your needs that are always changing.

We are proud to offer a rainbow of fitness options to help relieve your stress, your stiff neck, shoulders, hips and back while strengthening your muscles and balance.

Our specialized fusion of exercise principles may help control your Diabetes, Blood Pressure and prevent falls and injuries.

Be Healthy ~ Be Safe