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Corporate Reviews

Maria has taught classes to the employees from our corporate workforce. She demonstrates initiative and enthusiasm, and has made a tremendous contribution to our fitness program. - Pratt and Whitney, Tara Luna, Programs Coordinator

Maria is an experienced fitness professional specializing in Yoga, Pilates, and Aerobics (Tai Chi, Groove). She demonstrates her love for her profession in every class and with every client. - West Hills Hospital, Rebecca DeLeon, R.N., Manager

As a practitioner, Maria is skilled in teaching and coaching patients to improve physical functions and she maintains consistently high standards in her performance. - Kaiser Permanente, Bonnie J. Weissman, M.P.H., Health Education Director

Testimonials: Corporate classes - Personal coaching

Maria clearly instructs us in every movement, and is very encouraging, cheerful in her instruction and instills in us the desire to do our best.  CSUN - California State University Northridge, Professor, Dean O. Skovlin

Maria jumped start my habits back to what they used to be. Not only have I lost inches and pounds, I can more easily handle stress and I feel better overall. I made a commitment to myself to get back to my good habits and as a part of that commitment, I found Maria.

She is so inspiring and makes exercise easy and fun! Maria rocks! - Kaiser Permanente Employee Wellness Committee member, Lisa M. Posner 

I am amazed at how your classes helped me to stretch parts of my body that I didn't know I had! You are really a fantastic motivational coach! Your example is an inspiration to your students. I love your patience and accommodating attitude. -

Kaiser Permanente member, Daniele Kasanke

Maria, I want to thank you for all your help. You have been a wonderful inspiration and your classes are amazing. You helped me recover from my tumor operation and my cousin (who is a doctor at Kaiser) was surprised to see me in the hospital doing yoga exercises which helped me make a more complete recovery. - Kaiser Permanente member, Diane Hubert

Maria has help me change my attitude about fitness and provide me with the tools to help me to look and feel better.  - District Attorney, Karen Lee Tandler

As my personal fitness trainer, Maria's care and extensive fitness knowledge has helped me reach my goals and sculpt my body. Maria puts the "POW" in power, for sure. - Financial Advisor, Jackie Harrell

Motivational Speaker Reviews

Maria lifts your spirits with her exciting program for health and well-being. - The Whole Life Expo, LA, Pasadena

As seen, Maria Lauren's message is important for any individual interested in participating in the valuable life. - City of Los Angeles Cultural Planning, Mayor Richard J. Riordan, Mayor

Charismatic Maria Lauren, displays persuasive ability. - LA Weekly newspaper

Maria Lauren's motivating and upbeat personality inspires the audience to participate in practical techniques for health, healing and fitness that will recharge your life! - Strictly Speakers, Patti Gribow, CEO

Achievements in Fitness and Wellness

  • Two national fitness awards, listed in the Almanac of Women's Bodybuilding
  • Television fitness host/instructor, You Got The Power
  • City of Los Angeles Award of Recognition
  • Exercise leader on Jack LaLanne Day at the LA Council Chambers
  • Cover and article: Strength and Health magazine, Vegetarian Times, Desert Health news and many more...